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A Balanced Equation

20, 27 February & 6, 13 March
Ocean Financial Centre

Deepen your flexibility, move with ease and develop strength in this series of cross-training workshops led by our expert Group Fitness instructors and Yoga teachers. Let the powerful combination of modalities take you on a journey of improved mind-body awareness and sustainable fitness.

Limited spots available!

Saturday, 20 February – 3pm to 5pm
Harnessing Positivity


 Class Name

 Class Description

 3.00pm-3.50pm  Contemporary Dance by Ayu  
Contemporary dance combines several disciplines including classical, jazz, modern.

 Movements are gentle yet strong without rigid adherence to the rhythm of the accompanying song. This dance uses more of legs and torso so be prepared to work up a sweat!
 3.50pm-4.40pm  Happy Hips by Niru

Discover greater hip flexibility and stability and increase the range of motion in the hips, a common area of tightness.

 While most yoga poses involve the muscles around the hips and pelvis, hip openers are a specific group of asanas that especially help to maintain and develop a healthy range of motion in the hips.

 4.40pm-5pm  Talk by Ayu and Niru  
It's easy to tell someone else to be positive, but how can we do so ourselves? Ayu and Niru share how we let positivity shine through our personality, expressions, and even through body movement.

Saturday, 27 February 2021 – 3pm to 5pm
Strength & Resilience


 Class Name

 Class Description

 3.00pm-3.50pm  Back to the Root by Angki
Learn how to connect the mind and body with 45 minutes of basic movement conditioning inspired by animal flow & locomotion. This class will also help to strengthen all your inner muscles (wrists, core, shoulders) before you ‘take flight’ in the next session.

 3.50pm-4.40pm  Taking Flight by Sheranne

Focusing on high energy and hand balancing, this specialised class is comprised of a Hatha-style practice with specific attention given to preparing the body for more complex level 1-2 hand balancing poses. Expect an energetic practice that warms up and strengthens the body for flight, including hip opening and core strength, before working into more challenging hand balancing asanas.

 Suitable for practitioners with some yoga experience who are looking to take on more challenging asanas and sequences. This class will also be taught with modifications and props to allow options for Level 1 and Level 2 poses.

Talk by Angki and Sheranne

 Angki and Sheranne share their personal experiences of being resilient, touching on topics such as the importance of resilience and how we can build resilience to emerge stronger than ever.

Saturday, 6 March 2021 – 3pm to 5pm
Mind Over Matter


 Class Name

 Class Description

 3.00pm-3.50pm  Pilates Fascia Training by May
Explore variations that will change your balance with this Pilates Mat workout – a fascia-focused sequence using neural flossing and other techniques. Warm up with elastic recoil exercises, then myofascial stretches followed by rehydration and fluid refinement movement. A deliberately paced class designed to help you find elegance in your movement and ease in your fascia.

 3.50pm-4.40pm  Hatha: Patience by Jeremy

 A non-vinyasa based asana practice focused on connecting the body and mind with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

 Suitable for students with some yoga experience looking to have an invigorating experience. No full inversions are included. Some preparations for inversions and Level 2 postures may be introduced with options for Level 1 students to ease the transition from Level 1 to Level 2 classes.

 Talk by May and Jeremy

 There is so much more to exercise than just fitness or yoga. It is also about how our mind and body connects, being attuned to our thoughts and developing the skill of selective focus. Gain insight from May and Jeremy on how to have a better experience with our movements.

Saturday, 13 March 2021 – 3pm to 5pm
Going the Distance


 Class Name

 Class Description

 3.00pm-3.50pm  Functional Joint Conditioning by Ivan

This practice is rooted in the concept that “You are as strong as your weakest link”. Every joint of the body is important. Through assessment and articular strengthening drills, this class aims to improve the “workspace” of the joints – thus promoting health, movement capacity and longevity.

 3.50pm-4.40pm  Yoga Therapy by Sheranne

A healing practice focused on rehabilitating the body. Special attention to alignment and detailed instructions are combined with specific asanas for the purpose of bringing the body back to health. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

Suitable for anyone seeking to heal their bodies or returning to practice after an injury.

Talk by Ivan and Sheranne

In a fast-paced world where the focus is on outcomes and results rather than the process, we tend to put ourselves in difficult situations that lead to burnout, unhealthy habits and stress.

Together we will explore strategies that instil a healthier approach to our lives. At the end of the day we never win or lose the game of life and health, but we try to stay in the game for as long as we can.

Complimentary and open to PURE Yoga Republic Plaza and PURE Fitness Ocean Financial Centre Cardholders only. Bookings must be made through the PURE 360 Lifestyle app. Limited spots available!

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